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Asthma Clinic


Asthma is:

  • The leading chronic disease in children.
  • The top reason for missing schooll days.
  • Affects 6 million kids in the US.
  • The 3rd leading cause of hospitalization.

Our Program:

Regular visits with your doctor that includes:
  • ‚ÄčAsthma control and severity
  • Asthma Medication review
  • Asthma Medication refill
  • Asthma action plan
  • Lung function test


Our Asthma Educators:

Our Asthma educators focus on teaching:

  • Aerochamber technique and use

  • Asthma medication use
  • Asthma trigger avoidance
  • Understanding of asthma action plan
  • Proper usage of emergency room or urgent care center
  • Smoking avoidance
Julie-Vences.jpg Julie Vences Crystal-Vasquez.jpg Crystal Vasquez


1024px-American_Lung_Association-svg.pngOur collaboration with American Lung Association (ALA) also allows us to provide individualized home visits for families focusing on asthma triggers and further education.
Why do we do this? Becuse we at ABC Pediatric Clinic TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY. Our patients are our priority. We take pride in providing QUALITY care to enable our patients to live active and productive lives.