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Referrals & Requests


ABC Pediatric Clinic Referrals When requesting a referral to a specialist, our doctor must be familiar with the medical condition for which the referral is needed in order to approve it and fill out the necessary clinical information. This usually requires a visit to our office.

We have a list of specialists that we recommend on a regular basis that has been compiled based on positive experience with their service.

These referrals will be completed within seven business days. In the event our doctors deem an emergency referral is necessary, it will be done sooner.

Please contact the specialist’s office two business days prior to your visit to verify that the referral process has been completed. This will ensure no complications occur on the day of your specialist visit. You can request a referral through our Patient Portal.

School, Camp & WIC Forms

Please be advised that the doctor will only complete these forms if your child has had a physical that year. An annual examination will provide the information necessary for completion of school, sports and camp physical forms. Health forms to be completed by our staff normally require 48 business hours for completion. Once the form is completed, it will appear on your patient portal for you to print out at your own convenience. We do NOT keep any completed forms in the office.

Consent for Minor Form

When someone other than the parent is bringing the child in for an appointment, parents should fill out this form and send along with a copy of their photo ID.

Consent for Minors Form

Medical Records & Immunization Records

Medical records and immunization records are conveniently located on your Patient Portal. You have access to these records 24/7. No record will be faxed or mailed.